Bishop’s Pilgrimage of Prayer Cycle Ride

Bishop Rob extends an invitation to all bike riders to join him for the Regina leg of his Pilgrimage of Prayer cycle ride. As the ride progresses, we hope you will also have opportunity to worship, share your faith stories, and discover what God is doing across th diocese.

For more information:

Here’s the schedule for July 29th. We are looking for people who will welcome the Bishop at St. Mary’s. If you can help out, please advise Yvonne at the office (306-522-6052). Thanks!

  • 08:00 St Philip – Breakfast snacks and Morning Prayer
  • 09:30 St Matthew – Sharing and Prayers (5.7K 22 min)
  • 10:00 St Paul – Sharing and Prayers (2.5K 9 min)
  • 10:45 St James – Sharing, Prayers, and refreshment (6.5K 25 min)
  • 11:30 St Mary – Sharing and Prayers (3.5K 15 min)
  • 12:15 St Luke – Lunch, Sharing and Prayers (1.8K 8 min)
  • 1:15 All Saints – Sharing and Prayers (3.0 K 12 min)
  • Back to St Philip for final Prayer and Refreshment (6.0 K 25 min)