Palm Sunday 2021 – Bulletin

The Sunday Next Before Easter
commonly called
Palm Sunday

March 28, 2021


10.30 A.M. Morning Prayer with Hymns and Sermon.
Claude Schroeder preaching.

GODLY PLAY for children 3-6 years via Zoom. Today’s story is ‘Lent-The Upper Room / Jesus the King’ Matthew 26:26-28; John 12:12-13.

FAITHQUEST (for children 7-13 via zoom).


GLORY TO GOD, and CONGRATULATIONS AND BLESSINGS to Andrew and Starr on the birth of their daughter, Astrid Joy, on Thursday, March 18th. May God grant her many years!

BAPTISM AND CONFIRMATION SERVICE with Bishop Rob will take place on Holy Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Please remember Derek in your prayers this week, as he unites Himself to Jesus, and is received into the Communion of the Church.  If you wish to attend this service, please speak to the Rector.  

*LIVE* AUDIO STREAMING of today’s service will attempted today!  To access the live audio, use the special player on the Morning Prayer service page during the service.

 *IN PERSON* SUNDAY WORSHIP . Please register ahead of time if you desire to attend the Sunday service at St. Mary’s, and observe public health protocols. AUDIO RECORDING of the service, and sermon will also be posted on the parish web-site following today’s service.

PALM CROSSES for all parishioners and their families will be available for pick up at the 15th Avenue entrance following the service today!

GOOD FRIDAY WAY OF THE CROSS FOR FAMILIES. Upon arriving at St. Mary’s families will be given materials for the prayer walk and a map at the Lych Gate, and will receive a blessing upon their return!  


Morning Prayer

MondayHosea 13: 1-14John 14: 1-14Psalm 94
TuesdayIsaiah 42: 1-9John 15: 1-16Psalm 71
WednesdayNumbers 21: 4-9John 16: 1-15Psalm 109
ThursdayLamentations 1:1-14John 17Psalms 40, 41
FridayGenesis 22: 1-18John 18: 1-32Psalm 22
SaturdayZechariah 9: 9-121 Peter 2: 11-endPsalms 16, 30

Evening Prayer

MondayHosea 14John 14:15-endPsalm 69
TuesdayWisdom 2.1, 12-endJohn 15: 17-endPsalm 79
WednesdayLeviticus 16: 2-24John 16: 16-endPsalms 120,140
ThursdayLamentations 3: 1-33John 13: 1-35Psalms 116, 117
FridayIsaiah 50: 4-10John 19: 38-endPsalm 88
SaturdayJob 19: 21-27John 2: 13-22Psalm 27


Monday8:30 AM Morning Prayer
5:30 PM Evening Prayer
Tuesday8:30 AM Morning Prayer
5:30 PM Evening Prayer
Wednesday8:30 AM Morning Prayer
5:30 PM Evening Prayer
Maundy Thursday8:30 AM Morning Prayer
5:30 PM Holy Communion
Good Friday10:00 AM Way of the Cross for Children and Families
12:00 PM Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
Holy Saturday7:00 PM Evening Prayer with Holy Baptism and Confirmation
Easter Sunday10:30 AM Holy Communion
3:00 PM Light and Peace Easter Service for Families