Trinity 2, 2021 – Bulletin

JUNE 13, 2021


10.30 A.M. HOLY COMMUNIONBeth preaching.

GODLY PLAY  for children 3-6 years via zoom at 1:30 pm. Today’s story is  ‘Calming the Storm’ Mark 4: 35-41.


WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT! This Saturday, June 19 at 2:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s, Derek and Li will be joined together as husband and wife in the service of Holy Matrimony. All members of St. Mary’s Parish family are warmly invited. Please let the Rector or the office know if you plan to attend.

LIVE AUDIO STREAMING during today’s service is available on the Order of Service page. Recorded audio will be added following worship.

ST. MARY’S OUTDOOR YARD SALE will take place on July 24th. We will start accepting items starting July 18th.  Household items, clothing, treasures, jewelry, toys, tools, books (no encyclopedias or Reader’s Digest).  More information to come.  Volunteers of all ages welcome! Please call Clara with questions.  

VESTRY UPDATE. At our meeting on June 1, the  Vestry appointed two delegates for the Synod to elect a new Bishop: Bob and Andrew.  Ben agreed to be an alternate.   Vestry also received and approved Rev. Nathaniel Deng Mayan’s Ministry Covenant, and formally recognized Nathaniel as an Associate Priest at St. Mary’s.  Nathaniel’s duties in the parish will be primarily liturgical and pastoral, though he will also continue to chair the Refugee Sponsorship Committee.  This position is non-stipendiary, but St. Mary’s supports Nathaniel’s M.Div. studies at Wycliffe College through the Hipperson Trust Fund.  We are grateful to Nathaniel for his commitment to sharing his gifts and ministry with our parish, and we give thanks to God for Nathaniel and Yar, Nyamoun and Nyang, and the bright gift they are to St. Mary’s!

Vestry also reviewed the current status of Saskatchewan’s current pandemic health orders.  As of May 30, we may have 30% of capacity (i.e. 60 people) for in-person worship, as long as we can maintain 2 meters’ distance between households.  The last couple of Sundays we have had between 30 and 40 people attend on Sunday morning.  Greeters continue to note who attends on Sunday mornings, in order to facilitate contract tracing, should that become necessary.  Masks remain mandatory indoors.  We do ask that parishioners be careful about maintaining physical distance when entering and exiting the church. The April financial statements have been finalized.  Income for January-April 2021 was $70,090.60 or 34.8% of our budget for the year.  Expenses for January-April 2021 were $84,850.48 or 40.5% of our budget for the year.

Beth, People’s Warden

DIOCESAN QUESTIONAIRE. As part of the preparations for the election of a new Bishop, a “profile” of our Diocese is being prepared to be distributed to all potential candidates. To that end, parishes of the Diocese have been asked to respond to a questionnaire. (See attached document). Please pass on any thoughts and comments to Beth.