Trinity 18, 2022 – Bulletin


October 16, 2022


LIVE AUDIO STREAMING during today’s service is available on the Order of Service page. Recorded audio will be added following worship.

Parish Life Notes

DIOCESAN SYNOD CLOSING EUCHARIST takes place at St. Paul’s Cathedral this Sunday. Representing St. Mary’s are our Rector Claude, Bob, and Lyndon.

THE WORD OF GOD ENDURES FOR EVER: Why I became a figural reader of Scripture.  Join us this Saturday, October 22 at 12:00 p.m. at St Mary’s for a talk/webinar hosted by The Anglican Communion Alliance on the figural reading of Scripture by the Dr. Ephraim Radner, Professor of Historical Theology at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. Figural reading is a traditional way of reading scripture that sees Christ and the work of Christ in all of Scripture, both Old Testament and New Testament. Please speak to Claude if you wish to attend.

YOUTH/PARENT/FRIEND BOARD GAME NIGHT.  For our Youth, bring your parents; bring a friend; bring your favorite board game.  This will be at St. Mary’s church hall on Saturday, October 22 @ 7:00 pm.  Snacks will be provided.  We hope to see you all there. Please let Janice and David know if you are coming.

ST. NICHOLAS DAY PARISH FAIR. There will be a planning meeting next Sunday after worship for our December St. Nicholas Day Celebration. Our vision is to expand on our past efforts with a view to inviting and including the community to come to St. Mary’s to “taste, see, ( and hear!) that the Lord is good. Happy are they who trust in Him.” If you are able to part of the planning, please speak to Claude.

REFUGEE SPONSORSHIP UPDATE. Due to public health concerns in Uganda, from where the refugee family will depart, the schedule and flight have been revised because refugee family will need to complete 21 days for monitoring before they leave Uganda. The Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will inform us about the new date of arrival to Regina.

DID YOU KNOW St. Mary’s has a small freezer in the room right of the kitchen? When you are cooking freezable dishes (soups, stew, chili) or baking (crisp, cookies, muffins) please consider making extra. Label and package carefully with ingredients and date visible. Record the type of dish and date made in the binder on the freezer. These foods are distributed to those in need be they parishioners or those in the community.

DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTINGWe continue our practice of prayer and fasting this Wednesday. Fasting supper will follow Evening Prayer at 5.30. All are welcome.


Morning Prayer

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 8:30 am
  • Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

Evening Prayer 

  • Wednesday at 5:30 pm.