Hear the Music, Listen to the News

Bob Dylan

I know of at least two Bob Dylan fans at St. Mary’s. (You know who you are). Sad to say, Dylan’s music remains somewhat unexplored territory for myself.  I am, however,  in tune with Dylan’s preaching. In a recent interview in The New York Times, Dylan stated:

Gospel music is the music of good news and in these days there just isn’t any. Good news in today’s world is like a fugitive, treated like a hoodlum and put on the run. Castigated. All we see is good-for-nothing news. And we have to thank the media industry for that. It stirs people up. Gossip and dirty laundry. Dark news that depresses and horrifies you.

On the other hand, gospel news is exemplary. It can give you courage. You can pace your life accordingly, or try to, anyway. And you can do it with honor and principles. There are theories of truth in gospel but to most people it’s unimportant. Their lives are lived out too fast. Too many bad influences. Sex and politics and murder is the way to go if you want to get people’s attention. It excites us, that’s our problem…


I once read that what we call “the news,” and the accompanying advertising,  is the Liturgy of Satan. It’s dark news that depresses and horrifies you and excites your sinful passions.  The Gospel on the other hand, as expressed in the Church’s liturgies, though treated like hoodlum and put on the run, is for us a source of innumerable blessings: righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Romans 14.17)

This Sunday I will be worshipping with Hilary at our campsite north of Prince Albert. I am looking forward to tuning in with you to the service, and hearing from Nathaniel as he opens up the Scriptures to us. I will be returning to Regina on Thursday in time to conduct a memorial service at the Columbarium at St. Paul’s Cathedral for Iris D, mother of former St. Mary’s parishioner, Rob D, and then for a week of study leave. For pastoral emergencies, please call either of the Wardens: Tom or Janice.

Janice is convening a task force this week to begin work on getting St. Mary’s ready for re-opening. More news about this, and other news from the Vestry to follow next week.

Blessings you all!

Claude +